Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Race Action Photos

I like these 3 photos from the 5k DAM race.

This one at the start shows Jill (#38) and me (111) working our way through the crowd. I squeezed between two ladies who were race walking (why do they get up front). My MP3 earphones came out and I was cradling them in my elbow till I got through the crowd. I didn't want to mess with them so I just stuffed them in my pocket for the race.

Just before the finish, giving it one last kick. I like how my right leg is fully bent and my left leg has a good plant with no pronation.

Leaping across the finish and hitting my stop button on my watch just as my chip crosses the timer. I like how the timer chip shoe is the first one to cross, never thought about that before might make a 1 second difference. :)

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