Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Congress Park - 5.25 Miles

Ran Congress Park route today. Felt good to be running again. My calf was OK, not great but not bad. I could feel it but not pain and did not impact my stride or form (that I noticed). Ran with Matt, we had a pretty good pace going and at times got around 7 - 7:15 minute miles, especially after we got back to Cheesman and the last mike back to the Y.

Afterwards I stretched it out and if felt good walking back from the Y.

Saw some of the other Moab runners, everyone has a different plan for tapering and the race. Some are taking the next two days off etc. Tom ran Cheesman today with George. Andre and Bob went to wash park 7 (of course). I told Andre his golf course run on Friday is what messed up my calf. He said I wasn't ready to hang with a guy 11 years older than him. Ha! Bob B is going ot Moab too (his 4th), he ran with Andre today.

Made plans to meet Tom Friday night for Dinner at the Brew Pub, should be a fun weekend with the picnic after the race and everyone there. Hopefully I'll have time to blog after the race in the hotel with some pictures.

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