Thursday, March 19, 2009

4 Miles Easy

Ran 4 easy to the start of the middle 3 (south side of 8th and Franklin). My calf tugged at me the whole way. Frustrating.

I watched Jay and Eric start the middle 3 at Jay's pace and then I headed back to the Y easy by myself. Jeff ran with us to Colfax but turned around. Saving it for Moab. I probably should have done the same, but wanted to run at least 4 to see if things loosened up, plus I only ran 1 other day this week and have tomorrow off before the race.

I talked with Scott a bit outside the Y. He pulled his calf 7 miles into Moab 2 years ago and had to walk it in. That's no fun, don't want that.

Leave for Moab at 10 tomorrow, I'll try to blog if I can. If nothing else I'd like to post some times for the group and a short recap, might be from my blackberry.

I'll take the camera and have some pictures for here and the pickled prostates site when I get back on Sunday.

Thanks to runcolo for the comment. I checked out our web site, very cool and very Colorado. I will have to register on your forum when I get a chance.

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