Thursday, March 12, 2009

Around Wash Park 9.5

Ran around Wash Park today, 9.5 Miles. Haven't done this route in a while. I saw Jeff in the lobby this morning and he said he was going to run this long run route to get ready for Moab and skip the Middle 3. I said I was going to skip the middle 3 also after intervals yesterday and a race this weekend but probably do the 7 miles with the group. We also chatted about Pikes Peak, he's in the Ascent wave 1.

I went back to my office and thought about it a bit and after a few emails to the group, I ended up running around the park with Tom at 11:40. Jeff ended up doing a 7 mile Tempo run. Jay started with Tom and I but had to turn around at Speer for a 1:00 meeting. We talked about last years Pikes Peak Ascent and the weather, training and the conditions and how lucky we were to finish the Ascent last year.

Tom and I had a good, comfortable steady pace going for the distance and picked it up a bit for the last mile from Colfax to the Y. Good run Tom, especially coming off a cold like you are.

9.5 Miles 1:17:44

Garmin Watch Data for Today's Run

As a follow up to yesterdays post, there was another thing that influenced me in deciding to do the Pikes Peak Marathon instead of the Ascent. As I was sitting on my couch watching the Biggest Loser (no lie) pondering the decision, this commercial came on and pushed me into the Marathon. The combination of the running images, the music and Morgan Freeman's voice told me to "go left instead of right today" and to "do something that I've always wanted to do". I will have to put this song on my mp3 player as I train this summer.

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