Friday, March 13, 2009

City Park Golf Course - 7

Ran the City Park Golf Course Route today. 40's with Sun, little wind, not bad running weather. Ran it with Andre. I was feeling pretty good and he starting talking "7 mile smack", so I joined him. Craig M did the duck pond and Jay did the little known "Le Peep Lunch Run" - run from the Y to the Le Peep Restaurant across from city park and have lunch with your friends. On the way back we ran past there and yelled Jay's name.

It's been a while since I've done this route, usually do it in the summer when I'm in good shape and can do 7 miles in the heat following a middle 3. It has a great view of the City and the Rockies behind it as you turn left onto 23rd from Colorado and head west.

At one point during the run Andre asked me why I signed up for the Pikes Peak Full Marathon, having just blogged it, I gave him all the reasons (minus the video). Anyway he then proceeded to tell me a bunch stories about runners that were injured while doing the full and coming back down. Mmmm.....

Noticed there were no golfers on the course or at the range, kinda strange it wasn't that cold.

On the way back we did the "cafe tour", ran past Le Peep and yelled Jay - Slacker. Then headed down 18th passing all the cafe's. Not many people outdoors, a few. In the summer time it will be a different story.

7 Miles, 55:39

Mark did the Wash Park run we did yesterday, he sent me this link from Runners world for marathon training. He is signed up for the Deadwood Marathon in early June.,7120,s6-238-244-255-12022-0,00.html


  1. "then proceeded to tell me a bunch stories about runners that were injured while doing the full and coming back down."

    'member my war story of my PP descent and the idiot that attempted to pass me on the right instead of following customary etiquette of "to the left" and thus clipped the back of my right heel which caused me to land ontop of a properly-passing-guy to my left which caused the trying-to-be-cautious-guy behind the then 3-man pile-up to now become a 4-some? Man, THAT was special! What I remember most were the billion tiny rocks embedded in my frozen hand that hurt like hell for hours afterwards and the blood dripping down my hand to form a sightly blood-mud concoction encrusting my entire hand, which served well as a band-aid for further blood flow. Ah...cherished memories!! May the force be with you that you endure such sweetness and that the badge of honor isn't on your leg or foot!

    I hope you used your Visa card after such turn-to-the-left commercial inspiration!!! :)

  2. I hadn't thought of it, but yeah I did put it on a Visa Card.