Monday, March 1, 2010

Wash Park 7 Miles

Ran the Wash Park 7 Mile run with the group at lunch today.
It felt good to run on a Monday on dry road and some trail. Sun was out, it was in the 40's.

Craig C, Tom, Jay, Bob and myself ran today. We saw Matt briefly, he gave us the info on his 50k race briefly before we left. There's a post on the pickled site with some info on his race.

Craig and Tom took the bike path option. Bob decided to run around wash park so that left Jay and I to do the whole route.

It was 42 degrees with some sun and a bit of a breeze heading back. Jay took off his shirt and ran about the last 4 miles without it. I had on a long sleeve shirt and gloves, it was chilly coming back. He said he was hot, I told him he might have malaria or something because it was way too cold even for Colorado to be running without a shirt. A lady on 16th said something about me having gloves on and jay without a shirt.

So Jay gets the 2010 first guy to run without a shirt award.

7 Miles 57 Minutes.
I went to Yoga class this morning.

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