Monday, March 8, 2010

Wash Park 7

Got up this morning and went to Yoga at 7 am. I was sore getting up and walking to the gym. More sore than previous long runs I think. First time since Boston training my calf's felt sore and tight. Also both hips. Nice Yoga session, I felt better after, I could feel some of the tightness working out and stretched good. I told Kelly after class I thought the poses we were doing helped me recover quicker.

When I went to the Y at lunch, I was tight again, but not as bad as the morning, it was kinda cold and cloudy. I had a pang of regret about running today and staying on schedule with another tough week, but I just set it aside and set the wheels in motion.

I ran with Jeff, Tom, Jay and Tim. Jeff went around wash park. The rest of us did the 7. Jay pushed the pace most of the way, which was good to help me recover without being a slug (I think). Tom pushed it a couple of places too and I sprinted the downhill at the end to toughen the quads.

7 Miles 55:16

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