Sunday, March 14, 2010

Running of the Green 7k

Ran the running of the Green 7K today. It's a fun race, 4.3 miles in Lodo the weekend before St. Patricks day. An odd distance the 7K 4.3 Miles. I ran it in 30:37, Zach beat me (first race!) 30:16, but there is a good story there. What made Zach's race even more impressive is the day before at the Thunderidge Track meet, he did an 11:28 2 Mile race with a 5:38 first mile (both PRs).

Also went to the Race with my sister Kim. This was the longest distance she has ever run. It was also her 36th Birthday. Happy Birthday Kim!

So we left our house about 8:30 and made it down to Lodo around 9ish, found a parking spot off wazee and got our stuff, waited a bit in the car and then made our way to the start with a stop at the porta-pottis of course.

First Mile

The start of the race was VERY congested. Zach and I were off to the side on 17th and Wazee and had to merge into the crowd before the start on Wazee. We crossed the line and had to walk a bit, lots of strollers, dogs, walkers, very casual runners. They really need a wave start. So Zach and I ran through the crowd picking our way trying to break free which wasn't really until we got to Coors Field. I kept checking to make sure Zach was with me and he was, a couple of times he took the lead to pick through the crowd. We did the first mile in 7:20 with a slow start. I wasn't sure Zach was going to go that hard, my goal was around 6:45 miles.

Mile 2
The second mile is up hill pretty much, 130 feet of elevation gain over the Platte River, I-25 and then up the big hill on the otherside of the highway. Zach surged ahead on the big hill, just took off from me and I had nothing to stay with him. He looked good and fresh and got about a 100 meter lead on me by the time we topped the hill. He was also kinda playing with the cones and running with a high kick like he was on a Cross Country fun run. I did the second mile in 7:20 thanks to the big hill, Zach was probably just under 7.

Mile 3
As we turned and headed down the hill, the crowd was really thinned out and you can let go a bit. Zach continued to pull away from me as we headed toward 20th. He was looking good, I pushed a bit harder but so did he, he was 200 meters ahead as we got to 20th. I figured he would probably finish a minute a head of me and I wasn't going to catch him. I had a good tempo pace going. I saw Kim as she was starting to hit the big hill, we waved, she had a big smile on her face. 6:42 the third mile, it was downhill, but there was a little problem there.

Just before the 3 mile point, as you go under the underpass, I was kinda zoned out and running hard, when I notice someone running the wrong way toward me. I did a double take and it was Zach. He was pointing at the ground and right in front of me was a timing chip. His chip had fallen off and he had run a hundred meters or so before he noticed it. He had to turn around and run back up the road against the flow of runners and get his chip. I felt so bad for him, that had to cost him at least a minute. I stopped in front of his chip and he bent down to pick it up (good timing on that). Then PLOW a guy ran right into the back of me. Better me than Zach I guess. As I passed the guy who plowed me he said Sorry. It was actually my fault though.

I said "Go Get 'em, don't worry about it ". He replied with "grrrr..." and took off and put a gap on me as we wound our way through Lodo to the finish.

Mile 4 and the finish.
As we headed to the finish, Zach pulled ahead a bit more. It is pretty flat on this mile, but a few turns. 6:49 for this mile. Ten a quick 6:22 pace to the finish with a nice kick for both of us. I had 4.39 on my Garmin, so the course might have been a bit long. Zach Beat me by 20 seconds, but it should have probably been 2 minutes with his chip.

Race Results

Garmin Watch Data for Race

After the race we hit the post race food and I grabbed a couple of beers. It was not nice out, in fact it started to snow. Zach got in the Cordoba's line and got some food. Then we went back to the car to warm up and back to the finish to meet Kim. She ran the race in 59:32. Under an Hour and dropped her pace from the 5k last week. Nice progress Kim!

Kim and I had a beer and some food and then it was cold and snowy so we went home. I didn't see any of my other runner friends, other than Jay who I saw in the porta potti line before the race start. Still it was a fun day and a fun race with Zach.

I ran this race over 2 minutes faster last year after I popped my calf at the 2 mile point. I think the course was longer this year. I do feel that I am in better shape and faster overall this year and "injury free" and this was a good tune up for Moab, so those are positives.

Easy week ahead for me with Moab 1/2 Marathon on Saturday
50 Miles last week.

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