Thursday, March 25, 2010

11.2 Mile run with 7.25 up Tempo

Nice day, sunny 50. Snow has melted off the roads, but still on the paths.
Was late getting to the Y, but so was Jeff and Matt.
We ran easy the first 2 miles to the Middle 3 start point. I felt good, fresh, on the warmup.

I went up tempo Middle 3 Pace to wash park 9:26 a 6:17 Pace
Then I did 2 laps on the road at wash Park 2.2 Miles each at a 7 minute pace and then a 7:15 pace.
Medium Tempo Pace 4.4 Miles in 31:43, 7:11 Pace
Then up tempo Middle 3 Pace back to 6th 9:24 a 6:16 Pace
Then ran the last 2 miles to Y easy. 11.2 Miles total 1:22:50

Matt and Jeff ran easy to wash park. They Met Craig and Dave at the top of the Hill as I ran past, then I saw Scott and Tom running the middle 3.
Guess there was an early crowd that we missed.
Garmin Watch Data for Run

11.2 Miles 1:22:50

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