Sunday, March 7, 2010

Long Run 20 - CC Park, Dam, Golf Course

Did a 20 mile long run today. Ran my "usual" 20 mile route, from home through CC Park, on the other side of CC Dam, over by Kennedy Golf Course then back toward Parker and home. I ran this 4 weeks ago with Matt with an inch of snow falling when I slipped.

Finally a nice day weather wise and traction wise for a long run. Temperatures in the 50's with sun when I finished. I started at 8:20, it was kinda chilly but I went with a short sleeve shirt which was fine, but I wish I would have had some gloves for the first 1/2 of the run.

I got into a good pace the first 6 miles (8:15), felt good. When I got to about mile 4, the sun went away and fog rolled in. I refilled my water bottle and headed up the hill to the dam road. I lost my pace there and looking at my splits I never really got it back, fell off pace for the rest of the run, still under 8:30 which was my goal.

The DAM running was today, so I ran through the race start area. My sister Kim was running it and her friend Janice working one of the booths, but I didn't see either of them as I ran through and scanned the crowd. It was a bit congested. The Dam was foggy, you couldn't really see the great views from up there.

I fell off the fast pace, which was surprising because usually the downhill on the north side of the dam are fast miles for me. But I did have a comfortable pace within my range and felt good so I went with it. I took gu at miles 5, 9, 14.5 and 17.5. Those gave me a boost. Filled my water bottel at 6.5 and 17.5.

I felt good from mile 16 on, really good. Despite the hills. That's encouraging because previous long runs up those hills I felt like I bonked some with Matt pulling away from me. I slowed some, but my pace for those miles was really good.

I wanted to improve on the last 20 and I did, took 4 minutes off what I ran 4 weeks ago. Finished in 2:49:06. 40 seconds slower than I ran it in August 2009 training for St. George. So I feel good about it. Also felt good after, felt like I could have done a couple more easy miles (but I didn't). The sun came out at the end of the run for the last 4 miles, maybe that's what helped me pick it up. That and the Beetles song Here Comes the Sun played on my MP3 player at Random but at a good time.

Garmin Watch Data

20 Miles 2:49:06

Good week of training, 54 Miles for the Week with 2 speed workouts and a long run.
Another tough week coming up.
6 Weeks to Boston

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