Tuesday, March 2, 2010

MHS Track 8X800 Intervals

Went to the Manual HS Track at lunch and ran 8X800 Intervals

Splits were
255, 257, 253,251,255,254,255,254

Goal was 255, made it on all but 1. The 257 was with a 2 minute recovery (like last week), the 251 was with a 4 minute recover the rest were 3 minute recovery .

Nice day, 50's and sun, clear blue skies. Felt like spring out there. Short Sleeve Shirt, which I almost took off.

Craig and Matt ran from the Y with me. Craig did 5X400, Matt did an easy 400 and left (still recovering from his ultra).

Bob was already on the track running mile repeats.

They left and I was solo. Alicia dropped by on her way back from the golf course and did a recovery lap with me then left.

Easy run back with a stop at the hospital for a drink.
9 Miles, 1 Hour 16 Minutes

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