Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cheesman Easy 4 Miles

Did an easy 4 mile run from the Y around Cheesman today. Nice day, 60's partly cloudy.
Ran with Matt. His first run back since his Father passed away March 6th. He did get to run some with his brother in Minnesota.

We had an easy run, but not a bad pace. 30:43. Talked about Moab and training and upcoming races and his dad a bit.

Saw Tom before we left, he did a quick Colfax. Didn't see any other Moabers today.

Weather could be tough for the drive to Moab tomorrow. Could get 10 inches of snow in Denver and we are driving right through it. Plan to leave early

Race weather look good for running high of 50, dry on Saturday. Not so good for a spring weekend in Moab though.

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