Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SHHS Track Intervals 10X800

Ran Intervals at Smoky Hill HS track near my house this morning.
Bad weather forecast for the afternoon and night and a lunch meeting so I had to get the workout in this morning.
I Started at 6:30 - Crack of Down and ran through the sun rise, finished at 8

Intervals were slower, ranged from 2:58 to 3:07, average 3:04. About 10 seconds slower than lunch intervals. Not a good morning interval runner and still sore from Moab. Did not want to push into that threshold and risk injury either.

1 1/4 Mile warm up, which I needed climbing straight out of bed into running clothes and out the door..

Splits were

3:15 Rest with a 200 recovery between intervals

Then a mile and a half cool down run home.

The track runs east-west on the straights, so it was kinda cool running into the sunrise. Temperature was mid 30's but nice once the sun came up.
Kind of noisy there though with construction and traffic. Saw Gina as she dropped Zach off at school.

8.5 Miles with 5 Miles of Speed work

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