Tuesday, March 9, 2010

MHS Track 9X800 Intervals

Ran 9 X 800 Intervals today at MHS Track

Goal was 2:55 per 800 with 3:00 recovery
I struggled today to get my 2:55 goal, the first one was my slowest

Splits were

Tom and I ran out to the Track at 11:45 so I could get back to work by 1:30.
Tom did 3 1 mile repeats at a 7 minute pace. Then left as I was finishing #5.

Did 1 more solo and then Chipman showed up and did the last 3 with me. He was running 2:40 though. Then we ran the 2 miles back to the Y together.

Temperature in the 50's, Cloudy and kind of windy, but not bad for a March Track day.

9.5 Miles 1:20:00 with 4.5 Miles of Speed Work

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