Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wash Park 7

Ran the wash park route today with the group.
No tempo run today since I am racing on Saturday. Also have a long run planned for tomorrow after work.
Nice easy 7 mile run with Tom, Craig, and Bob who caught us at 8th. Andre started with us but did Cheesman. He is having some back problems since his trip. His first run with the group in about a month. We did have fun giving him some 7 mile smack talk as he does for us.

It was mid 40's, sunny with some wind. No middle 3ers today. We ran pretty easy to the park, feels much different than the middle 3 gasping and breathing.
When we got to the edge of the park, Jeff was waiting for us, he had run around the Park at tempo and ran back with us. We did pick up the pace a notch when Jeff joined us.

The last mile from Colfax, Bob picked up the pace and I went with him, though Tom and Jeff were just behind us. I had fresh legs today and felt good so I hung with Bob on the last mile and felt comfortable at around a 7 minute pace.

During the run, we were talking about Moab and where everyone would place within the group. Kind of fun. Of course everyone is sandbagging and Scott will win hands down, but could be interesting between Jeff, Bob, Steve and myself.
Makes me want to go for it, now, but we'll see on race day.

7 Miles 54 Minutes

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