Tuesday, March 30, 2010

800 Intervals X 8

Went to the MHS Track at lunch and ran 800 Intervals. Had 10 on my schedule but I stopped at 8. Goal was to do them all under 3 and close to 2:55. Range was 253-258, average 2:56.


I did not force or push any of them too hard. I tried to run smooth, relaxed and easy. I was breathing hard at the end of most of them though.

It was a nice day, temperatures in the 70's with sun. A little warm for intervals almost, but it felt like spring. Craig, Chris and Pete ran to the track with me. They did 6X400's and went back.

Wore a singlet today and then took it off for the last few intervals, nice with the sun, I sweated a lot. today A little bit of allergy in my sinuses, not bad for this time of the year with this weather though. Trees usually get me when they start blooming which they are.

I had a 80 minute massage with Tara after work. My calf's were tight, she spent a lot of time on them. Then my hamstrings and my hips. I need to stretch out more during the taper.
Right knee is doing great now, so that seems to be over (knock on wood).

9 Miles with 5 at Speed. 1 Hour 15 Mintues of running

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