Sunday, March 28, 2010

Long Run - 20

Ran my last 20 miler today. 2:48:16
Weather was great, 40's-50's with Sun. A bit of a head wind from the West going out and then South and East coming back.

Did my 20 mile Cherry Creek Resevoir, around the Dam and down the CC Bike Trail then back through CC Park along parker.

My goal was to average an 8:15 pace, ended up with 8:25. Had two slow miles uphill at 15 and 19. First 11 Miles were on Pace, finished with a good 20th mile.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

Great views of the snow covered rockies on the run. I am so blessed to be able to run, no matter what happens in Boston I should be thankful just for being able to train and run as much as I do. It was awe inspiring at times. Knowing that this was the last long run on the road to Boston gave me a lift too.

3 Gu's at 5,10,15 and 2 water stops.

I was sore after, been a tough week. 60 Miles. Starting to taper now, a few tough workouts left over the next 3 weeks, but nothing like the last few week.
I made it to the taper, pretty much on schedule as I layed it out in January. For that I am thankful too. Also no injuries (knock on wood), thankful for that also.

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