Saturday, March 13, 2010

Long Run 22.2 - Y to CC Park to Home

Ran from the Y to CC Park and then Home. 22.2 Miles. This will be my longest run before Boston.

The intention on this run was to Induce a "Death March". Mission Accomplished.

I took the light rail to work, Gina dropped me off at 9 mile. I took my waterpack and minimal accessories (cell phone), so I could run light. Water Pack and Gu.

I worked through lunch, would have been a nice duck pond run today. Sunny and 50. The weather carried over to the afternoon. Probably our best day of the year, upper 50's and sunny. Got to the Y at 2:30 and was running at 2:50. Wore a short sleeve shirt and didn't bring my gloves, could have used them at the end though.

I ran the usual route up 16th to Cheesman. My Garmin had trouble locking on, so the first mile was long and looks like it was slow but it wasn't, normal pace. I ran through Cheesman and down Franklin to Speer. I was feeling good, my pace was a bit slower, but I knew I had a long way to go and it's an uphill route, so I was good with it. I was a bit sore in spots from all the miles recently.

Got to the Country Club and headed toward Cherry Creek Mall, then on the Bike Path. Lots of bikes on the path. I was holding about an 8:20 pace comfortably, but this part is pretty flat. I ran on the cinder/trail next to the path where I could to save the pounding. Near 4 mile house there's a nice trail. I noticed they extended the bike path at the park off Monaco, I will have to take that route next time, it runs next to the creek instead of through the park.

I stopped at the Cook Park rec center and re-filled my water bottle and used the bathroom. The stretch from there to Illif is so long and boring, my least favorite of this route. It also starts to grind uphill. My pace slowed, I was starting to fatigue. I had 2 GU and 3 power gels, I don't like power gels, they make me kinda sick to my stomach, but that's all I had. I was getting hungry and burring calories. I took them at miles , 6, 10, 14, 16, 19

I ran through the Hampden Heights park area and started the uphill section, it was tough, a bit of downhill and then back up all the way to Parker. Got to CC Park and I was cooked, would have been only 16 miles to my house, but I wanted to push the death march and go for 22. I stopped and refilled my water at the park entrance and had another gu. Then headed toward the lake and the sunset downhill to the park. Ran through on one of my favorite trails then out and back to the lake.

At mile 17 I was hurting, but on my way home. You can see from my Garmin data how it is an uphill grind most of the way. Good for Boston? I hope. My pace was pathetic, I was definitely doing the death march, but kept pushing. I stopped at 19 and had my last GU. 2 flat miles and then a tough uphill mile to my house. As I got to the turn up the big hill at Memphis, Jill drove past and pulled over. She had just done a training run, we said hi, she asked me how I was doing and I said OK, 1 more mile to go. It was almost dark. She said well have fun on the hill, a steep half mile on Memphis.

I got home and I was so tired, fatigued, I think I had a fever from the swelling. My stomach was upset and I could not really eat dinner. I wanted some ibuprofen but my stomach was too upset. Gotta love the death march run.

I was so sore I couldn't sleep, everything I lay on hurt. My stomach finally settled and I ate a snack and took some ibuprofen and then slept good the rest of the night.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

22.2 Miles 3:15:30. The pace was at the slow end of my LSD pace, maybe too slow.
66.7 Miles in the last 6 days with 2 20 milers. That's a PR for a weeks mileage in 6 days.

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