Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MHS Track Intervals - 6X400

Went to the MHS Track with the group and did 6X400 with a range of 68 - 80. Average 75. My Target was 80.

Gorgeous day, mid 50's and sunny I was able to break away from work at lunch.

Tom, Craig and Scott ran out to the Track with me, Bob was already there. Pete C came later and joined us at the end.

Was good to have Scott on the track, he's so fast and smooth usually running quarters in the low 70s. Everyone decided to do 400's with Moab 5 days a way, a good tune-up. Scott said 6 would be ideal and that's what I had in my plan. I have been doing 800's so 400's seemed easy and I pushed the pace (hopefully not too much). I felt good though.

My splits were…

When we got to #4 Scott said he was done as was Tom. Bob was running around the track like the energizer bunny. Craig said he'd do one more with me. And we were going to stop at 5.

There was a young lady in college from Nebraska training on the track with her coach for the 400. He was an old school coach and told us our track was a 440 track and we were actually running a full mile with 4 laps. Craig and the guys were talking to him and one thing led to another and he was talking about runners and kids and how fast the kids were. I told him Scott could run under 70 on a 400 and he didn't believe us, so he said run it and I'll time you. Since I shot my mouth off, I told Scott I'd run with him or as best I could.
The old school coach wanted to time us on a true 400 yards so he told us to run in lane 2 and start on the curve and would finish where he was standing. Scott took off and I stuck with him through about the 200 point which we did in 30 seconds, and then he pulled away. The coach timed Scott at 53 and me at 57. I kept running to the full lap and got 68 on my watch so that's a 64 for Scott. A 68 is a PR quarter thanks to Scott and the coach. The coach was impressed that these old guys could run that fast, he liked to talk. He also said he had a key to the East HS track. I like the way he measures the track, but we were all skeptical, a 400 means 400 meters to us.

Then Pete and Bob raced the girl in a 200 at the coaches request. She had the outer lane and pulled out ahead, but Pete was closing on her at the end with a 32, Bob's heart was not in the race and he did another lap. It was fun and I got in my 6 400s.. Just hope I didn't over due it and can recover before Moab on Saturday.

We ran back at a good pace and I picked it up the last half mile. Felt good.
6 Miles with 1.5 of Speed Work. 50 Minutes

Yesterday I did Yoga and ran an easy Cheesman recovery lap 4 Miles.
Massage tonight an a running rest day tomorrow.
Yes, loving the easy week. 

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