Thursday, September 17, 2009

Middle 3 - 7

Ran the Middle 3 today. Pete, Jay and Tom ran it also.
Scott, Craig M, Craig C and Dave took it easy today.

It was cooler, but I wasn't really in a middle 3 mood, but knew I should do a tempo run this week, plus wanted to see where I was. I felt flat actually, legs were a little tired and not much energy or enthusiasm to run hard.

So I was suprised when I ran 18:21. I was thinking closer to 19. So I feel pretty good that I did that when I was feeling flat.

Garmin Watch Data for Middle 3

When Jay finished, he did his usual hack and cough, sounded like he was going to throw up. Then Pete and Tom sprinted the finish, Pete edged Tom and then grabbed his knees and threw up twice. A rare occurrence on the middle 3. We all applauded, that he ran hard enough to throw up at the end. I told Pete that deserved a picture of him on my blog today. Nice work Pete!

Pete ran his guts out today at the Middle 3.

Found out that Jay threw up at the end of the relay at the finish. He finished really strong, didn't know it was that strong though. So Jay gets a half a picture (above) since I didn't actually see it.

I felt like throwing up after my last 2 relay legs, but didn't quite get there. I feel like I shortchanged the team.

7 Miles - 18:21 on the Middle 3.

We also had an incident with a lady and a dog on the sidewalk as we were running up 16th. She looked over her shoulder at us running toward her (6 of us) and panicked and yelled "wait let me get out of the way" and pulled her dog to the side. She then gave us a piece of her mind as we stood at the light, telling us how it wasn't safe to walk your dog and we almost ran her and her dog over. She said we should have said something like skiers do when they are passing. We just looked at her and smiled, of course Dave said something. Total overreaction. We run past hundreds of people and have yet to crush anyone or their dog. We run around not through. Funny, like she never saw runners on the sidewalk before.

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  1. Guess I've never run hard enough, as I don't think I've ever wretched after a run! That's great!