Sunday, September 27, 2009

Marathon Tempo Run - 6.5

I saw in the paper where St. George, Utah was suppopsed to be 100 degrees today. That concerns me. If it gets anywhere near that hot during my Marathon, I am dead.

I decided to do a familiar route my house short loop into CC Park and back through Bellview to home. There are some decent hills there. I waited till it got pretty warm at 11. Wanted to run at or below race pace in the heat.

I wore my garmin and tried to steady my pace around 7:45. Would speed up if it got above 8 and slow down if it got below 7:30. My strategy for the actual race.

The heat got to me a bit around 4 miles. That and the hills and the uphill. My stomach started hurting again (like last week). That really concerns me too.

I finshed the 6.5 miles in 49:55, a 7:40 pace, a bit faster than I wanted. There was one mile on the uphill coming out of the park where I had an 8:05 mile, that was the one with 2 big up hills. Last year before Denver, I did that same run in 50:31, so I feel good about it time wise, the other effects, not so good.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

6.5 Miles 49:55

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