Wednesday, September 9, 2009

3 Miles and Yoga

Ran with the Y group to the Cheesman Porta Potti. 1.5 Miles then back to the Y and ran into the 12:30 Yoga Class room. Barely made it, had to run the last mile kinda fast.

All relay guys running today, of course that's what we talked about. I was torn between staying with the group and talking relay or doing Yoga but went with Yoga.

Running before Yoga is good because it loosens you up and relaxes you. However, I was still sweating when class started and not sure I smelled the best, but hey. it's Yoga, they will not judge me right? One thing to be careful about is over stretching though when you are warmed up and cooling down fast.

Good class, I got a nice place up front, so I got lots of Suggestions from Sharon today. I nailed a headstand today. Not sure where that came from, haven't done one in 2 years. Even put my feet together and bent my knees.

I feel myself improving and gaining some flexibility. Massage last night helped too.

Lots of relay emails and activity. I think we have about 5 van plans floating around now and 6 or 7 different pick up locations.

3 Miles 22 Minutes.

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