Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Wrap up

Got behind on my blog again, so here's the weekend re-cap.

Friday, ran the duck pond easy with Andre and Craig. Nice day, nice easy run.

That afternoon went to the Liberty Bell CC Meet.
Zach ran varsity, he PR'd with a 19:11. Way to go Zach, you beat my 5k PR and took almost a minute off your PR.
Also saw my nephew Dan run for Eagle Crest JV, he did 19:33, also a PR for him.
Then I watched Jack and Jill run in another JV wave, that was fun. Jill did a great job pacing Jack.

Saturday, I was really tired and congested and thought maybe I was getting sick. I took 3 naps during the day and still was falling asleep at dinner and after dinner.

Sunday woke up with a stomach ache and still had the congestion and was groggy from the benadryl I took the night before. So I got a late start on my run. it was hot, too.

I started getting dizzy from the running and heat and the stomach ache did not fade away, I meant to do 14 at marathon pace (sub 8) but cut off the run at the 5.25 mile mark and ran back home through the dog park entrance to give me 9. I did hold the pace, but it was not fun.

I need to rest, hydrate and taper next week, if the marathon were today, I would have been in trouble.

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