Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Light Track Workout - 4 400's

Went to MHS track at lunch with the group, did 4X400 at 77-80. With a 2-3 minute recovery for each. 2 miles easy to the track and then 2 miles back. It was hot, around 80. Reminded me of summer. Most marathon training plans have you do some 400's the week before the marathon. I felt good and held back on them during the first 200.

Good group today. Jay, Pete, Alicia, Matt, Scott. Jay and Pete did 800's. Nobody did an intense workout though except Jeff who stayed and the Y and did Yasso's on the treadmill. 10 800's at 3:15. So put Jeff down for a 3:15 marathon.

This will be my last run in Denver, and maybe my last run period before the marathon. I might do a couple of easy miles on Friday when I get there.

I peeked at the St. George forecast, looks like a high in the low 80's for Saturday, this cold front is moving through there too. I hope that holds or maybe the front will hang around a bit and it will be even cooler.

5 Miles 41 minutes 4X400 at 77-80

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