Sunday, September 13, 2009

Colorado Relay 2009

The Colorado Relay was this weekend. As usual it was a blast. Extra fun this year because we had two teams racing , Pickled Prostates v5 and Somewhat Pickled. The Somewhat Pickled was a team of first timers. It was fun watching them put the team together and run and also interact with them on the course and watch them finish.

This is my 5th relay, and I love it. Each won is different in it's own way and an experience with memories I will always cherish. Both teams did really well this year. The Pickled Prostates finished in 22:07, 1st in Masters Division (Yes!) and 4th overall. We have won the masters 4 out of the 5 years I've run it and finished in the top 8 every year. The Somewhat Pickled finished in 23:30 ?? , 2nd in the Mixed Division and finished 11?? overall. I need to get there numbers from someone and update, but that was close

Official results are not posted yet, but I will update my blog when they are.

I will also update the pickled prostates site with team information later.

The weather was really nice this year. Mostly Sunny, cool running weather and not too cold at night.

Below are Posts for each of my legs with the time/date stamp of when I ran them (not when I wrote them). If you want the whole story beginningto end, use these links.

Leg 3

Leg 13

Leg 23

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