Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cheesman Intervals

Ran 4 1/2 mile intervals at Cheesman today. 4 of them.
It was cold and rainy at the start, didn't want to add the additional time and miles for a track workout, so chose Cheesman. I ran them all under 3 easily, held back a bit. The footing was a bit rough and muddy with the rain, don't want any injuries this close to game day.

Alicia ran with us today, she ran easy around Cheesman, recovering from her race. She brought me back a neat ITU World Championships hat from Australia. Thanks for the hat Alicia, that was nice, it's even an Asics brand.

Craig C caught up to us at Colfax and ran the intervals with me. He's starting to get healthy again, first time in a while.

Had an 80 minute massage after work. It felt great. Tara found a few spots in my legs I didn't know were sore. She worked out some knots. Worked on my back and neck, which helps me relax and run. Last massage before the marathon.

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