Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yoga - Rest Day

Took a rest day today, but I did go to Yoga. It was a good class. She changed the class name to something else but I forget what she called it. It was intense. That class has thinned out and I think it's because the intensity has increased since I first started it 8 weeks ago. 3 People walked out during class. Sharon was a bit upset about that.

I held back on some of the poses and wasn't as agressive as I usually would have been, I did not want to stress or strain anything that would impact my running on Saturday, but did want to get some Yoga benifit.

I feel like I'm on the verge of a cold, but maybe I am just hypersensitive. Felt that before Dallas last year and felt bad the morning of the marathon and through the first 5 miles of the marathon. I got sick the day after. I took Gina to the Rockies game tonight, it was nice at the start and then got cold, the front moved in and the wind was really bad. We were on the club level so we were shielded some, but I should have known Colorado in late September at night. I was sitting there in shorts and a sweatshirt, half shivering, with my nose running thinking, I don't want to get sick just before the marathon. I went upstairs to the bathroom and one of the ushers opened the doors looked at me and said "You must be freezing, I hope you don't catch cold". Just what I needed to hear. It was good game though, Rockies won 10 -5, 1 game away from winning the wild card.

The worse thing about a marathon for me is the anxiety and concerns leading up to it.
2 days to go...

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