Saturday, September 12, 2009

Colorado Relay Leg 23

After we finished the Vail exchanges. Jeff, Steve and I went back to the Vail house to rest before our final legs. We figured 2:30 would be when we needed to leave based on our current time and predictions we were about an hour ahead.

I took a shower and went straight to bed when I got back. My stomach was really hurting. I could not sleep but it did feel better to lay down and rest. I ate all the rolaids I had in my bag and lay there thinking about the 6 miles in my final leg. From Blair Ranch to the Shoshonee power plant rest area. This is the only one of the Gleenwood canyon legs I have not run.

When we got the call from Van B that Steve R was on Course at 2:00, Steve C and I got everyone up at 2:15 and out of the house by 2:30 and at Eagle High school by 3:15. It was cold and dark and the middle of the night. These are the legs where you don't want to run, but you do because you are on a team and you have to give it your best. My calf's were very tight and felt like each had a knot. My stomach hurt , but there was not question that I was going to run as hard as I could. The only good thing about leg 3 is it's your last leg.

I took the exchange from Andre and took off. It was 5:00 am, still dark and cold. I decided to start my watch, but not look at it. Just run hard and not agonize over every mile and pace. I started good, but then the stomach pain came back about 5 minutes later. I grabbed my side and just ran. There were several runners to pick off, probably 6 total, which felt good, took my mind off the pain and passed the time. I did not want to know how much further I had. I passed the last runner on the leg (as it turned out) and said good job. He said "you too, we are half way there". I was mad he said that, because I though we were over half way there. I didn't see any other runners the rest of the way. There are several places near the end of that leg that make you think you are approaching the finish. It is so dark most of it that any light looks like the exchange point is ahead.

I finished and looked at my watch as Steve ran off. 47 minutes for 6.1 miles. What? I had to be running faster than that. Then I looked at the mileage. 6.5 miles and my Garmin had cut out several times, so it was even longer than that. Jeff said he heard a lady say her Garmin had it at 7. I don't think it was that much over, maybe 6.7.

I was so glad to be finished, more than I can ever remember in previous years.

Garmin Watch Data for Leg 23

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  1. Glad to be finished, most likely, due to that chili. Live and learn, eh? I'm still recovering from lack of sleep but had the best time - could not have done it without yours and the other Prostate's support. Can't wait for next year. Hood to Coast, perhaps, too..... :)