Friday, September 11, 2009

Colorado Relay Leg 3

Leg 3 - 9/11/2009 10:30 am
Bakerville to Loveland Pass 5.1 Miles, Uphill, Elevation 9,800 ft to 10,500 ft

What a great morning for the relay start in Georgetown. Nice crisp weather. It was fun watching the two teams start (Matt vs Pete) in the fast wave and watching them come in very close to each other at Silver Plume a short but steep leg with fast teams in the wave. They came in 7th and 8th . Then off to Bakerville where I got ready for my leg 3, while Andre was running. I had done this leg last week up and down, so I was very familiar and confident in it. I was predicted to run it in 45, but wasn't sure I could do that since I did 47 the week before.

I waited at the exchange where Matt's parents were working as volunteers. Jill was running this leg also for the other team so I gave her a description of the route, she was her usual bundle of nerves but excited. The fast teams came in and then someone yelled here comes Andre, we tagged hands and I took off at the gate. The first 1/2 mile is flat so I took off fast. Our Nemesis team Old Fartleks (#57) who beat us last year had just came through and were about 1 minute ahead of us. I wanted to hang with their runner until the last half mile and then kick past him when it got to the downhill and flat part.

I quickly gained on their runner and decided to not slow my pace but pass him, even though we were about to go uphill. I said hi as I passed and he said nice pace, I said yeah but we're just starting and it's not uphill yet. He said yeah that's why I'm going easy "Hitting Range balls before teeing off" is what I think he said. So I passed him and built a bit of lead before the uphill just past the bridge, I expected he might pass me uphill but wanted to hang close.

This route is on trail, I had my trail shoes since it is rocky in spots. It rolls uphill, gaining 1000 feet. None if the hills are too steep not to run at a decent pace, about the time it starts to get too steep, it will flatten out and even dip downhill for a while. Also lots of trees and curves so you never see that huge uphill stretch ahead. I got in a good uphill pace (for me) and just stayed focused. I did not want to look back at the 57 runner. I passed two ladies on the hill, which helped to keep me focused. The last hill is the longest about 3/4 mile uphill at mile 4 with no break until the top. I saw one more runner ahead, a guy and wanted to pass him before the finish. I was slowly gaining on him on the hill and about 200 yards from him as we hit the downhill. He took off and I wanted to catch him. We rounded the corner into loveland ski area and he was about 100 yards ahead. I had the advantage of him not knowing I was there and my teammates (from both our teams), cheering for me to pass him before the exchange. I pushed really hard and passed him just before the exchange and tagged Steve's hand.

The route was a bit short of the 5.1 miles posted. It was 4.91 Miles

I felt really good. I had beat the prediction by 2 1/2 minutes (although the course was short) with an 8:50 pace, passed 4 runners including our rivals (#57) and had finished what I though was my hardest leg. Putting us in 4th place overall. Had teammates cheering for me and it was such a nice day on Loveland Pass. This is what makes this race so fun and so special, legs like that.

We watched the other team (Jill finish). She also beat the prediction by 2 minutes and had a good run.

Steve Cann ran a great 4th leg (which was really tough up and back) and we finished 4th for the first 4 legs with a time of 2:07, 2 minutes ahead of our prediction and a 2 1/2 minute lead over our rival (#57).

Abbey for the other team was awesome on this leg, she finished a couple minutes faster than Steve and passed another team on the way up. She was flying coming down that steep hill to the exchange finish with reckless abandon . They also finished a couple of minutes ahead of prediction.

Steve Cann and I split from the Van and headed to Vail in his car, on the way we stopped with the other team in Silverthorne and had lunch at the Sunrise Cafe. Our van with Steve R, Pete M and Jay went on to Bob's place in Breckenridge.

I had 10 hours to rest before my next leg. About 6 hours of it in the Vail house. That was nice. Steve made Chili and rice for the group then rested, while I stretched out and rested. I could not sleep though, I tried for a bit, but my mind is always too active thinking about the race and my next leg . I was a bit concerned about eating Chili for dinner and running after. Last year he made chicken chili and I ate it without problems.

Garmin Watch Data for Leg 3

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  1. Ya sure it was only 2 minutes? Cuz me watchy said it was 5...and well, you KNOW we took accurate splits in our van. Unlike some in other vans who never got any splits....