Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yoga and Wts

Went to the Y at lunch. It was cold and rainy, it was an off day for me anyway and I was glad. Matt and Pete hit the treadmill in the Y. Tom and Scott went outside, not sure who else.

I did some stretching and then some weights and went to the 12:30 Yoga class with Sharon. She asked what we wanted to do and some lady said sun salutations, so that's what we did. Lots of them for about 45 minutes with no break. It was a challenging workout. I looked over at the lady who asked to do them a few times and she was breaking the poses quite a bit. She was recovering from a collar bone break also, did she know what she was asking for? Oh yeah, no judging in Yoga.

I like Sharon, she has a lot of energy and a good attitude about Yoga and working out in general and she finally knows my name. The class was smaller today so she was able to give more individual correction, especially to those that need it like me. At one point she was trying to get us to do this difficult triangle twist pose with a bind and using straps and the whole class was off and confused and everyone doing different things. I was just kinda kneeling looking at her and she says, "Well this isn't working out like I thought, what a cluster Ff..., what a CF this is". I started laughing so hard because that's exactly what it looked like with everyone twisted around and confused and going in different directions.

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