Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rest Day - Yoga, Wts

Took a rest day from Running, I am "tapering" after all. Went to the Y and did some weights and then went to the 12:30 Yoga class. Kelly substituted today, she is really good, probably the most flexible yoga teacher I've every had. She is very energetic and kept us moving the whole time, which is what I like. I was sweating some today (and I didn't run first). I might try to take her morning classes, but they are so early.

Jay's wife Gina was in the class too. She does a lot of Yoga but has missed that class since I started doing it. We chatted a bit, she got some bad scrapes on her elboys from a different Yoga class from doing Dolphin on the Matt. Anyway we talked about getting Jay to join us, she said after he runs Chicago.

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