Monday, September 7, 2009

Bakerville to Loveland and Back

Ran leg 3 of the relay today for a training run and for fun. From Bakerville up to Loveland Ski Area. Looked familiar since I had run down most of that 8 days ago. Got to the loveland ski area, to the 5.1 mile mark. Took a break and had some water and soaked up the sun and checked out the view. The leaves are just starting to turn on the aspens. Then I headed back down, missed my turn so slightly longer on the way back because I had to back track near the ski area.

I predicted I could run the 5.1 miles at a 9 minute pace. I was wrong. It's not that steep but a continual uphill grind and you start at 9700 ft altitude and climb to 10,300 spending a lot of time around 10,000 feet. I wasn't racing it though, so we will see what I can do for the relay. Maybe take a couple of minutes off, charge the downhill and flats a bit. The last 4/10 of a mile are downhill and then flat (at 10,700 feet, running flat feels like running uphill though).

I was surprised I did not run down faster too, but I did not push too hard, tried to hold around an 8 minute pace. I felt good and it was really nice in the mountains. The trees are just starting to turn and it has that crisp fall feel in the morning. I started at 8 and was done by 10. Soaked my feet in the stream for a bit after. The water was so cold, I could only take a few seconds. I splashed some water on my knees and calfs too.

Garmin Watch Data for today's run

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  1. Nice run, Dennis. I'm sure it was so nice to do something different from the norm. I'm relieved to see it's only 5.1 for the first of the I just need updates on the other two...cuz ya know, I can't read that stuff. Ha.

    Good day moving Abbey in. I was a good girl there but a little sad upon return to an empty room. Will go see her tomorrow for more orientation. I must have walked about 30 miles today ?? :)