Monday, February 9, 2009

Wash Park 7

7 Miles to Wash Park and back with the Y group today. Temperature in the 50's with sun, but very windy.

7 of Us Started Matt and Craig opted for the bike path. That left Andre, Tom, Pete, Jay and Dennis for the 7 mile run. Everyone seems to be doing good, Jay was a bit fatigued from his recent mileage. I felt a twinge (very slight) in my right calf outer, so I held back the last mile or so with Jay to not stress it anymore. We picked up the tempo a bit for the middle 3 miles, to about a 7:30 pace, not much but enough to feel it.

Pete and I discussed the possibilities and ramifications of having two Colorado Relay teams this year, 1 for the masters and 1 for open, with the 10 fastest masters runners going on the Pickled Prostates to field the best masters team possible, everyone else goes to the Open team. Jeff and I discussed this on Friday also. Jeff said he'd be willing to captain both teams.

Funny line of the day, Matt accused 7-Mile Andre of talking "7 Mile Smack".

7 Miles 55:03.

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