Friday, February 13, 2009

Duck Pond on a Cold Day

We ran the duck pond 5 mile loop through city park today. It was cold 35 degrees but humid so it felt colder. We all wore tights and had gloves and ear warmers or hats, like it was 20 degrees or something. The warm weather makes the cold weather seem colder when it gets cold again. Also no sun, and that makes a big difference. It snowed about an inch last night but footing was good the whole way.

Matt, Tom, Andre and myself. Andre went 7 and Jay met us on the other side of the pond.

We just ran into Larry on our run, he doesn't run with us anymore because he has some health problems but still runs on his own, he's a Moab Regular. He organizes a picnic the afternoon after the race at Arches National Park every year, he said it's on again this year, so that will be fun.

Supposed to be cold this weekend, but I hope to run both days.

5 Miles 40:04, felt good.

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