Sunday, February 22, 2009

Easy 5 MIle Run with the Dogs

I did an easy 5 mile run with my dogs today at the Cherry Creek dog park. I went around 1:30, it was about 55 degrees with some sun. I drove the dogs down to the old library and ran from there so we could spend more time running in the park. I took it easy after the race and just tried to clear my mind and run for fun. It was fun. Tons of people at the dog park and lots of dogs of course.

My dogs did good, especially Lucy the Brittany Spaniel pup (8 months now). She seems to love running and can't get enough. She runs right by me most of the time and sticks her head up and jumps a bit to look at me every once in a while, if she leaves my side she circles around quick. Other dog owners look at us and smile like they are thinking, that looks like fun. A couple of other people were running but most were walking. My other dog Levi is getting a bit stubborn now that he's 4 years old, he runs a bit slower than us and stops to sniff or play a bit too much, but I let him since it's his playground.

Once you get in the dog park area you can let them off leash and there is water in the creek and a couple of ponds. It's about 3/4 a mile from the parking lot to the dog run area. Once in the dog run, we went from one end to the other on the road along the creek, about a mile and a half. Then came back on trail around the ponds and then went up by the horse coral and over by the parking lot and back along the creek a bit and then back to the old library where we parked. 5 Miles total, but took about an hour with all the stops and playing. Very relaxing, which I needed because I was at home working on taxes and financial aid stuff (FASFA) for Brittany's college.

Again no pictures to post of my dogs, but I should take some, some day.

Supposed to be a nice week, less than 4 weeks to Moab so I need to get some quality training in if I'm going to get my pace down under 7:00.

31.5 Miles for the Week - 5 Days Running
249 Miles for the Year

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