Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Track Intervals - 2X400, 6X800

After some e-mail coordination, most of the group went to the Manual High School (MHS) track for intervals today. Some people wanted to go to Cheesman and some to the Track. I think Chris tipped the scales and everyone who wanted to do intervals went to the track. It takes coordinating because we want to get there at 12:30 when the kids go back to class so we leave the Y at 12:10 instead of 12.

Chris, Pete C, Matt, Tom, Scott and myself. Jay ran us out to the track and left. Tom said he "baited him".

Everyone kinda did something different. Chris did this 2 minute workout where you run a 400 lap every 2 minutes, so if you do it in 90 seconds you get a 30 second rest and then go again. Pete and Matt joined him.

I did 2X400's @ 79 and 6X800 2:49 - 2:57.

Wore my Garmin on the track with my HRM for the first time. I need to practice with the laps better and get the screens set up right for intervals, but it was ok, I was a little "confused" a couple of times. I was suprised my heart rate didn't get any higher than for the 10 mile race, stayed around 170 and peaked at 175 near the end of the interval. Kinda funny/cool seeing the Garmin Player doing loops around the track fast and slow.

Garmin Interval Data

Later after the other guys left and I still had 3 800's to go, I had to share the track with a PE class, that was kinda interesting, they were doing 200's and walking a lot. But the coach was nice and told the kids to stay off the inside lane when they weren't running.

Made for a long workout, but the weather was nice 60's with sun and I wanted a break from work anyway.

8.5 Miles with 3.5 speed work. 1:10:00

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