Monday, February 23, 2009

Cherry Creek Bike Path 6

65 and partly Sunny today with no wind. Feels like spring running out there.

Good group today 8 of us started out at the Y but we soon broke up into a 4 mile Cheesman group, a 5 mile CC Path shortcut group and a CC Path normal route group. Just about everyone did some sort of weekend training run or event to be recovering from. Not many "fresh legs" today.

Tom, Craig M and myself did the 6 mile CC Bike path route, at an average pace. I wanted to go to Wash park - 7 but nobody wanted to join me so I compromised on the 6 mile route. I feel good after the race and the easy day yesterday. When we finished at the Y we saw Mark, he had run the same route a few minutes after us, sorry we didn't see you Mark.

Lots of discussion today about races and marathons. Jay signed up for Chicago and Jeff is about to sign up for Chicago. Matt is already in. This has really made me lean strongly toward Chicago for my fall marathon. It would be fun to run and train it with the group. Plus it is a "fast flat course", compared to NYC so it would be more likely to qualify for Boston, which is my actual goal. Another benefit is I could register now and know that I'm in and plan accordingly.

Looks like I would be in corral B with my marathon or half marathon times, Coral A looks out of reach. $125 to register.

Looking at doing some intervals tomorrow, Cheesman 1/2 miles or 800's at the track, not sure which. Work may dictate one or the other, I'll probably send an email to see if there is any track interest.

6 Miles 47:21

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