Sunday, February 8, 2009

15 Mile CC Dam Loop

Ran 15 miles around Cherry Creek Dam today. 2:02:53
Encouraged by feeling pretty good most of the way and no injuries or tightness to the Calf muscles or the legs.
A little discouraged by the overally pace (8:11) and the fatigue and reduced pace the last few miles (actually from 10 miles in).

Also a bit discouraged by the mile markers my Garmin showed are off from what I thought (short), the route I thought was 15.5 records 15 on the Garmin.

6 Weeks to Moab, lots of work to do. About 1:50 for the Half marathon, at a long run pace, but still.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

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  1. Nice blog. I'd be proud if I had done 15 as fast as you did today. Thanks for sharing the garmin data, it was good to see. I have lunch meetings all this week and next so you won't have me to kick around on the middle 3 for a while.