Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wash Park 7

Another Great day for running in Denver. We did the Wash Park 7 mile route. Matt, Jay, Tom and myself. Started out at the normal pace and picked it up for the middle 3 section to around a 7 minute mile pace. Matt was pushing the pace the whole way. He signed up for Chicago Marathon already and is ready to start running hard. Tom is recovering from a cold but hung with us, he was hurting a bit. We saw Scott going out on our way back. He is looking really strong. Also saw Craig C., not so much.

Decided to skip the track this week due to recent calf problems (which are doing good cross fingers). Legs felt good for the whole 7. I couldn't sleep last night so I was a bit fatigued but a run like that on a nice day pumps you up at least till you get back to work and then crash.

I got to figure out where we are staying in Moab.

Weather looks good all week, goal is for 5 days and 40 miles.

Massage with Tara tonight, yea!

7 Miles 53:27

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