Monday, February 16, 2009

Cherry Creek Bike Path - 6

Ran the Cherry Creek Bike Path today. 6 Miles.
Ran with Craig C and Dave. It's presidents day so the Y was pretty empty. Only 3 runners on a nice Monday. 60 degrees with sun.

We ran an easy pace, Craig says he's starting to "run like a 60 year old". I thought how happy I would be if I could run as good as Craig when I'm 60. It felt good after the tempo run yesterday to run easy and soak in the sun. Craig and Dave talked about lawyer stuff most of the way. The bike path was crowded with bikers and walkers a few runners. Mainly because it's a holiday (for most people) and the weather was so nice.

My hard drive on my laptop (aka my right arm) crashed last night. I was so busy at work trying to do my real job on a spare laptop and recover/rebuild my laptop. Made for a frustrating day, but at least I got away for a run and a sanity check.

6 Miles 49:27.

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  1. At least 4 runners there today, as I also made it for any easy one. Looks like you had a great weekend of miles! The Snowman should be a breeze this weekend