Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snowman Stampede - 10 Mile Race

Did the Snowman Stampede Race at Chattfield Reservoir today. 1:10:32. 7:03 pace. About 28 Seconds faster on the same course than the Frosty Frozen a month ago. That's not a lot of improvement for a month and I really wanted to go under 1:10:00. Jill ran it also and went under 1:20:00 taking about 7 minutes off her last time (which was a bad day for her).

Very good conditions, 40's with Sun and No Wind this time (yes). It snowed last night (after a heavy wind storm blew through). Probably got about 3 inches at my house, but not a lot stuck to the road due to the high temperatures. Anyway the road was a little wet and a few slick spots at the start but pretty good after the first 2 miles and dry at the end (until the last 100 meters and then it was really slick at the finish). At one point last night with the wind and then the heavy snow with the temps falling fast, I thought I'd bag the race and stay in bed till it warmed up and do an easy run in the snow. But it melted fast with the sun being out and temps rising quick in the morning. I picked up Jill and we drove over to check it out and make sure there wasn't a foot of snow on the course on the west side of town. If the roads/course were bad we were going to do a waterton canyon run or something on the other side of town. It was about 20 degrees. We got there and the course looked good and there were lots of people and sunshine and we just jumped in and registered. Jill wasn't feeling good the day before so she was on the fence yesterday, but didn't hesitate today, she said "if all these people are doing it, we gotta do it too", so we did.

I felt good most of the race, I did have a couple of stomach cramps around mile 7 and 8 that slowed me a bit. Not sure how or why that happened, but I felt it worse after the race. Dehydration maybe? I had several splits under 7 including the last one. I won't read off all my splits to you like some runners do.... :) But you can read them in my Garmin link below...

Garmin Watch Data for the Race

Didn't see as many people there at this one that I knew, no Steves (F or C). Jay S was there and I saw Bob from the golders team. Tom Z said he was thinking seriously about doing it, but didn't see him. The field was a bit more competitive and more people overall than the one last month. I was 39th overall with a faster time than a month ago where I was 30th.

After the race Jill and I hung out a bit at the race and then went to lunch at the Morrison Inn (kinda neat place) and then walked around Morrison a bit, she did some shopping at hippie stores (where it is better to use the bathroom outside than inside according to the staff). I talked to the cat lady who has clutter issues and opened an antique shop with steep prices on the clutter. She told me of the old days when people made pictures of their ancestors out of their hair they collected off their brushes.

It was fun, thanks for doing the race with me Jill.

Overall a great day even if I didn't go under 1:10:00.

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