Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday After Superbowl

We had our annual Super Bowl party last night, it was fun, lots of friends, even a few runners this year. It was a great game, but I really don't like the Steelers (Cowboys fan) and they now have the record for most superbowl wins (6).

As usual for the Superbowl I drank a bit too much, but it could have been worse. I ducked out of a couple of rounds of shots at the bar. I think we had around 40 people at the peak of the party in 4 rooms (upstairs, basement, media room, bar).

I was going to take a rest day today anyway (after running the last 5 days) from running, but I didn't even pack my gym bag so no workout for me today.

Calf's feel good, no knee or heel pain.

This is the link for the pictures from the party

This is the link for the winners and the Trivia…

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