Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Track Day - 4X800, 2X400

Went to the Track today. Manual High School. I met Matt at the Y for the 12:10 start, we were the only ones to go to the track. Another group left at the usual time and did some Cheesman 1/2 mile intervals.

Matt is having a fitness test competition with his friends across the country. 4 events, pushups, situps for 1 minute each, 300 Meter Sprint and 1 1/2 mile run. The actual event is in the fall, but he is going to do it every couple of months to track his progress, today being hte first day. Anyway I was looking for a track day buddy so it worked out.

His goal for the 1 1/2 mile was 9 Minutes (6 minute pace) I told him I'd pace him for the first 800 and the last 800 of 6 laps with a recovery in between. While he was doing situps and pushups and recovering I did an 800 and a 400. He did the 300 meter dash in 48 seconds. I was having no part of that and my hamstrings are thankful.

We did the first 2 laps - 800 in 2:58, I led the pace and started him out a bit to fast (surprised?) but relaxed on the 2nd lap to get close to 3:00. He held the pace pretty good for the next lap but then slowed a bit on Lap 4. When I joined him at lap 5 he was at an uptempo pace around 6:30 mile, so we held that for the final 800. His total time was 9:35. That's still a good time for this early in the season and I have no doubt he will be under 9 in the summer and well under in the fall.

I told him next time he did it, let me know in advance and I'd do the 1 1/2 mile run with him and go for a 9. I will have no part of the 300 meter sprint (or will I?).

BTW 2400 meters = 1.49129086 miles. Not quite a mile and a half. His GPS watch had 1.55 miles.

7 Miles Total from the Y and back
4X800 2:58-3:15
2X400 82,84

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