Thursday, February 26, 2009

Middle 3

Ran the middle 3 today. We had a good group, most of the regular middle 3ers when the middle 3 is regular. Spring must be coming... It was a nice day, temps in the 50's with the sun, but the wind was gusting in the 20's.

In order of Finish (as I recall)
Craig M
Craig C
Pete C (DNF) - Knee problems
Scott ran an up-tempo 7 with a late start and caught the group on the way back.

I did 18:37, 4 seconds slower than two weeks ago. I felt good, a bit tight in the upper legs from the track and race, but ran smoothly. No calf problems (Yes!)

Congratulations to Craig M, who beat me by 11 seconds. Impressive considering it's his first middle 3 in 6 months and he spent a lot of lunch hours recently eating lunch instead of running. For that he gets his picture on my blog to the left. He did have to earn it though, he worked hard. Perhaps this will inspire competition in the middle 3 for others to win and have their picture posted here (as if it's not already there).

Craig C took a minute off of his last time and it was Jeff's first middle 3 in a while.
Tom and Jay did good.
I took it up a notch the last mile headed back to the Y from Colfax in. 6:22

7 Miles 50:37, 18:37 on the Middle 3


  1. Thanks for the free press. Lucky for me that Scott didn't bother timing the middle 3 of his 7 mile tempo run or it would have been his photo gracing the blog.