Wednesday, February 4, 2009

CC Bike Path - 6

Big Group today for a Wednesday. Jeff, Dave C., Andre, Matt, Tom, Bob B and Me. Weather was nice again 60, sunny a little windy but good running weather.

The big group turned into 3 little groups as it usually does. The 4 mile group (Cheesman), the 6 mile Group - Cherry Creek Bike Path and the 7 Mile group - Wash Park.

I went with Dave C. down the bike path. Dave's a bit out of shape coming of a Bridge Tournament Tour. For the Month of January he is #1 in his division Nationally. He is supposed to send me a link to the results for posting on the Prostates blog. Anyway I hadn't seen Dave since the New Years Eve - Run/Toast. He hasn't run much and was coming off a hip injury. We slowed the pace down when we broke from the 7 mile group at the Bike Path. I filled him in on my Calf Saga, his advice was more stretching, I told him I was considering doing the Colorado Marathon in Ft. Collins in early May. He had done it about 5 years ago at a 3:15. He filled me in on some of the details, sounds like a good May marathon, but will I have time to ramp up my mileage after Moab. That only gives 8 weeks.

Anyway, I ran the last 1/2 mile after Dave and I split at a pretty decent pace. Lot of people on the 16th street mall because the weather is so nice.

I had a nice massage last night, my legs were a lot more relaxed and Tara was able to work on different muscles since my Calf's are doing better she didn't have to focus on them. I was so tired from not sleeping well the night before I fell asleep a few times briefly. One time I really zonked and snored or something because she thought I was moaning and asked if I was OK. I said yeah, I fell asleep. She said that's a compliment for a masseuse, to either have a client fall asleep or drool. No drool for me yet.

6 Miles 48:59

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