Thursday, February 19, 2009

Easy 5 - Out and back

Ran 5 easy from the Y to the first 1/2 mile of the middle 3 and looped back on 3rd and Mario to Humboldt then back through Cheesman to the Y. I had a 1:00 meeting and so did the judge, Pete C. Craig C and Tom did the middle 3, low turn out for a nice Thursday. We didn't have time to wait for the exciting finish, but it looked like Tom had a pretty good pace going when we peeled away from Craig. We ran with Craig through the first half mile and then took it easy going back. I was a little tight from the intervals but not too bad. I actually miss doing the middle 3 these days. I wanted to take it easy for Saturday's race anyway. I did pick it up a notch on the last half mile because I thought a girl might pass us and we can't have that! :)

It was nice, around 50, sunny with NO WIND!

On the way back I almost tripped over a fat little Chihuahua a lady let off leash along 16th. It darted between my legs and behind Pete. It shocked me, I was so pissed I yelled at the lady "Nice Lady, why don't you control your dog". She yelled something back but I couldn't make it out. It might have been "Sorry" or it might have been something not so nice. I felt a little bad but I've seen that little rat do that before and it almost tripped me this time. I think the owner is crazy she wears a cowboy hat and mumbles to herself, she is probably married to the guy that argues with trees. 16th Street East of the Y, you will eventually see it all.

Note to dog owners, if you cannot control your dog off leash with voice commands then do NOT let them off leash in public places, especially around runners. Dog parks are the exception, if a runner goes through a dog park, they should expect to be interrupted and dodge dogs (not to be bitten, that should never occur).

OK, that's my Blog Lecture/Soap Box vent.


  1. Missed you guys today. I went early because it was so nice out! Thought I might see some of the crew as I went down and around the tennis courts in Wash Park. Great day for a longer one. If I don't see you Friday, have a good race on Saturday!

  2. Nice run, it was a nice day, starting to feel like spring a bit. We saw your running buddy comming back as we were going out.

    I'd like to schedule a couple of those longer ones around wash park over the next couple of weeks, so let me know if you're going to do it.

    Send me your email address to when you get a chance.