Saturday, February 28, 2009

Long Run - 17 with a break

I ran 17 today at a slow pace. I thought I would do some 16 with the first 10 or so up tempo near 1/2 marathon pace. I thought wrong.. My legs were dead, I knew 2 blocks into my long run that it would be one of those runs where I would have to just grind it out at whatever pace I could muster until I got through it.

I ran over to CC Dam from home using the trails, I could see the Chilly Cheek bike riders on the road and wanted to stay clear. Turns out I got on the path for the run but backwards but I was off of it before any runners came. I wanted to see Alicia finish the duathlon since I was in the area and she was competing. So I ran around on the other side of the dam a bit, went over that bridge that goes to the light rail and ran around back there a bit, then ran down to the road by the Marina where the Chilly Cheek finish was. They have wave starts, and people were finishing so I ran down the road looking at the runners on the path and then ran back and just waited.

Alicia finished strong, she was in wave W which is why she was so far back. She's not sure if she won her division because her rival was in another wave and looked strong. Anyway I talked to Alicia and Chuck (her husband) for about 15 minutes. Chuck used to go to the Y and run with us some, he was a good runner and a tri-athlete too, I hadn't seen him since he left the 7, probably a couple of years. They are both editors at the Post. Chucks says he is doing Aquathalons now (swimming and running), he says he wants to qualify for worlds to compete in Australia when Alicia is there for the triathalon worlds.

Alicia ended up getting 2nd in her division for that race and 1st in her division for the series (I will post it on prostates blog later)

After I talked to them for about 15 minutes, I ran home along the bike path and back through piney creek the way I came. When I got home I was tanked, I ran out of fueld (did not eat enough before and ran out of gu and sports beans). Anyway, not a strong run, but more miles than I had planned 17.

Not sure if I'm going to do the DAM run,5k I don't think I will be that sore because I did not go hard today, but running a race takes fresh legs to do well and god forbid not get hurt.

Garmin Watch Data with HRM for the run

February 172 Miles (a good month)
292.5 Miles for the Year

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