Saturday, January 31, 2009

CC Park Run with the Dogs

Went for a run later in the day (2:30)with the Dogs, Levi and Lucy. Got new leashes for them which were a bit long. Lucy got tangled up a few times. One time I stopped and yanked on Levi's leash because he was going for a dog behind the fence and Lucy was tangled and did a flip onto her back. Wish I had a picture of the dogs to post, maybe later.

Nice day, warm, a little windy. Went out 3 miles and back, some on trail in the park. Lot's of people out walking or riding bikes on the bike path in the park. Easy casual run with the dogs.

Lots of stuff to do to get ready for the Super bowl party tomorrow. Plan to run early.

6 Miles 53 Minutes.

120.5 Miles for January, only 17 days running (thanks to my Calf's).
Compare to 145 with 22 days last January.

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