Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wash Park 7 on a Cold but Sunny January Day

Still cold but Sunny. In the 30's but I wore shorts and it was the right call, 2 longsleeve shirts and gloves. In case I need to look back on this for future reference. It was windy again though from the norhtwest.

Had a good group today for the lunch time run. 8 of us, with 3 going short and 5 doing the wash park 7 mile route. Myself, Craig M, Matt, Tom and Jay. Jay was the only middle 3er today. Although Matt and I took it up a notch and ran some 7 minute miles in there. My right calf is better but not 100%, some pain and stiffness, but I'd say better than yesterday. No real speed work until everything heals is my current plan, but log the miles to keep the base. Still going for 5 days this week should be warmer the next coulple of days.

7 Miles 53:30

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