Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday, Jan 5 - More Calf Problems

So I ran with the group, was hoping for 7 but will take what I can get type of attitude. It was warmer today 40 partly cloudy no wind. Better than yesterday for sure.
I felt ok starting out and then about a mile into it, my left calf started tightening and at 1 1/2 miles it was tight as a drum with some pain, affected my stride, but I kept up with the 4 mile group and finished it. 5 of us did the Cheesman Loop, 3 others did the 7 Mile wash park.
Tom was pleading me to go the 7, talking about it being the first Moab training run, which is what I wanted, but the body said no. Also had some right knee pain which seems to be nagging me.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

After I stretched a lot, did some calf raises and got on the bike for 10 minutes of easy cycling, that felt good actually to stretch it out without the pounding. So frustrating.
It hurt walking back from the Y too, had a bit of a limp.

I forgot to weigh myself at the Y again, maybe it's intentional.

Did not want this blog to be a "whine festival", but that's where I am now and it is depressing. All I want to do is run like I was in August-September and into October, that is starting to seem like a distant memory.

Many people have suggested massage or physical thereapy. I have 3 massage sessions that Gina gave me for Christmas, perhaps I should use one for my calf. I will try anything except to stop running, which will be the last resort but probably what I need. I don't want to lose any more conditioning. So, on to the bike, maybe some rowing to compensate.

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  1. Take ALL 3 of your massage sessions and get a deep tissue massage in the calf!! Get it fixed now so that you will be up and running perfectly like you were this summer. LISTEN TO ME! :). Sometimes the Running Gods are out there testing our wills and if you don't play the cards right, you'll let them win! Don't!